Projects implemented under the NMF funds – PL04 program

Conversion of the K1 boiler in order to adjust to the biomass combustion in CHP Siekierki in Warsaw.

The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 under the PL04 Program “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources”.

• The value of the project: PLN 121 770 000

• The amount of funding: PLN 20 000 000

• Project objective: to achieve the ecological effect of reducing the air pollutants emission: sulfur dioxide – by 786.6 Mg/year, nitrogen oxides – by 262.9 Mg/year, carbon dioxide – by 227 621.0 Mg/year and reducing the amount of combustion waste – by 10 133 Mg/year.

• The planned project completion date – 9 July 2015 (the date of obtaining a legal occupancy permit).

The ongoing project involves conversion of the existing pulverized coal dust fired boiler OP-230 to the biomass-fired boiler, allowing Siekierki CHP Plant to reduce the consumed amount of burned coal and significantly contributing to the improvement of air quality. As a part of the conversion of the boiler, the following elements, among others, will be implemented:

− building of foundations

− supply and assembly of combustion system

− supply and assembly of air fan

− supply and assembly of auxiliary equipment

− supply and assembly of SNCR system

− conducting modernization works of the electrostatic precipitator no. 1

− ash disposal and ash storage units, including storage tank

Implementation schedule was as follows:

• Development of a basic design, submission of an application and obtaining of a building permit – until April 2014

• Implementation of construction and assembly work – until November 2015

• Starting operations and trial commissioning – until February 2016

• Acceptance into service of new installation – until August 2016

• Fulfillment of the Contractor’s obligations – until April 2017

Through the implementation of this investment, Siekierki CHP Plant, once again reduces its impact on the environment, monuments and architecture of the city and contributes to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of Warsaw