Objectives and Strategy

Our aspirations to year 2022

  • Reaching EBITDA of 1 billion zł in 2020.
  • Implementation of the investment plan ensuring alignment of the manufacturing assets with the current and future environmental requirements.
  • The leading position among the heating companies in Poland in terms of the network infrastructure owned.
  • Moderator of the regulatory and market developments in the sector.
  • Achieving the market benchmarks for the organizational effectiveness in Poland.

Strategic objectives                                                              

Organic growth

1. Maintaining the position of the leading heat manufacturer on the Warsaw market
2. Implementation of the investment plan to improve profitability and diversify the fuel portfolio
3. Optimizing the management of manufacturing assets in GK and the implementation of projects based on mine gas and non-system gas
4. The leading role in the creation of the heating sector’s regulations and the support system for cogeneration
5. Geographical expansion in the area of ​​heating systems and production

New growth area:

  • Purchase of heating systems
  • Development of production operations outside Warsaw

Pursuit of operational excellence

1. Optimization of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs
2. Implementation of the Efficiency Improvement Programme and the sale of “non-core” assets
3. Development of the trading operations
4. Business process optimization and adaptation of IT systems
5. Enhancing engagement of employees and developing their managerial skills

Building the foundations of the future value growth

1. Analyses - preparation of potential investments

  • Another gas units in PGNiG TERMIKA (gas engines, gas and steam unit, simple-cycle)
  • Increasing the potential of using biomass at PGNiG TERMIKA - a dedicated biomass unit
  • Waste incineration plant under the PPP tender organized by the city of Warsaw
  • Combination boilers (coal, biomass/RDF)

2. Separation of the Kawęczyn and Wola heating plants to SPV
3. Building the O&M (Operation & Management) services provided inside the capital group and “outside”
4. Development of energy outsourcing projects for municipalities and companies
5. Provision of energy-related consulting services in buildings
6. “Smart housing”, i.e. intelligent solutions in the heating industry
7. Getting involved in the process of promoting and building the e-mobility infrastructure in Żerań CHP Plant and Siekierki CHP Plant
8. Preparation of RES projects based on the assets of PGNiG TERMIKA



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