About us

PGNiG TERMIKA is the leading Polish producer of heat and electricity in cogeneration.

Our Warsaw plants generate 11 percent of the entire heat generated in Poland. It now reaches 70 percent of Warsaw residents and 60 percent of those living in Ursus, Pruszkow, Piastów and Michałowice districts. PGNiG TERMIKA produces electricity and heat in cogeneration. This effective method allows our company to cover approximately 65 percent of Warsaw’s total demand for electric energy.

The heat we produce in our CHP plants, reaches our customers as hot water in taps and radiators. It is produced in five plants:

In all our plants produce annually about 4.4 TWh of electricity and 11.3 TWht of heat.

The heat that PGNiG TERMIKA produces is distributed in different ways:

  • in Warsaw - through district heating system of Veolia Energia Warszawa;
  • in Pruszkow - through our own district heating system

Since 2012 PGNiG TERMIKA has been part of the PGNiG capital group.


The structure of the PGNiG TERMIKA Group includes:

1. Six PEC Jastrzębie thermal plants in the Śląskie province:

  • Jastrzębie thermal plant
  • Knurów thermal plant
  • Racibórz thermal plant
  • Rybnik thermal plant
  • Wodzisław thermal plant
  • Żory thermal plant

In total, PEC Jastrzębie operates 14 local heating plants with the combined capacity of approx. 260 MW and district heating systems with the total length of 288 km.

2. NYSAGAZ Sp. z o.o.

The company's business is the production of heat, electricity and acquiring energy certificates. In total, NYSAGAZ operates 43 gas projects in eight provinces, with the total installed thermal capacity of 18.28 MW and electrical capacity of 166 kW.

3. Zakład Separacji Popiołów Siekierki Sp. z o.o. – founded jointly with Lafarge Cement SA

A special purpose company which sole business activity is the provision of service of separating ash for PGNiG TERMIKA. The aim is to utilize 190 thousand tons of fly ash generated in Siekierki CHP Plant.

The beginning of the plant’s operation - September 2017.

4. Spółka Energetyczna „Jastrzębie”

Spółka Energetyczna “Jastrzębie” S.A. has been operating as an independent enterprise since 1995. It was established as a result of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. reorganisation. SEJ S.A. is organised into five business units: “Zofiówka”, “Moszczenica”, “Pniówek”, “Suszec” and “Częstochowa” heat and power plants.

SEJ S.A.’s line of business includes the generation of electricity, heat, compressed air and cold air. On 15 July 2000, SEJ S.A. launched the first Combined Cooling and Power System connected to the central air-conditioning system in the “Pniówek” coal mine and started cogenerating heat and power.

SEJ S.A. is the Polish leader in reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere. The company manages over 70,000,000 m³ of methane per year, thus reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by more than 900,000 tonnes. The company’s mission is to meet the expectations of the market by implementing environment projects that provide a chance to safeguard jobs in a region.