Pruszków CHP Plant

The oldest PGNiG TERMIKA plant. Destroyed during World War II in 80 percent. In December 1945 the plant resumed operations, offering the capacity of 8 MW.

The rebuilding of the plant was completed in 1953. The installed capacity at that time was 38 MW.

Thermal power: 186 MW

Electrical power: 9.1 MW

In 1957, a concept was born to supply Pruszków with mains heat. Two years later, the operations of the plant got expanded. A CHP plant was born. A series of modernizations and repairs have allowed the plant to operate efficiently for over 100 years now, producing heat for the residents of Pruszków, Piastów and the Michałowice commune. Electrical energy is transmitted to the national grid.

Own district heating system currently has the length of 70 kilometers. This enables us to ensure year-round and secure supply of heat. Water for filling the district heating system is prepared in a modern reverse osmosis station.

To reduce the environmental impact, at the plant we burn low-carbon coal. 100 percent of furnace waste is manager.