Spółka Energetyczna „Jastrzębie”

Spółka Energetyczna “Jastrzębie” S.A. has been operating as an independent enterprise since 1995. It was established as a result of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. reorganisation.

SEJ S.A. is organised into five business units: “Zofiówka”, “Moszczenica”, “Pniówek”, “Suszec” and “Częstochowa” heat and power plants.

SEJ S.A.’s line of business includes the generation of electricity, heat, compressed air and cold air. On 15 July 2000, SEJ S.A. launched the first Combined Cooling and Power System connected to the central air-conditioning system in the “Pniówek” coal mine and started cogenerating heat and power.

SEJ S.A. is the Polish leader in reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere. The company manages over 70,000,000 m³ of methane per year, thus reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by more than 900,000 tonnes.

The company’s mission is to meet the expectations of the market by implementing environment projects that provide a chance to safeguard jobs in a region.

The company’s project involving construction of a fluidised bed unit is a perfect example of corporate social responsibility, contributing significantly to the reduction in the impact of the heat and power plant on the environment and improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants concerned.

Construction of a fluidised bed unit in the “Zofiówka” heat and power plant is the largest investment project in the history of Spółka Energetyczna “Jastrzębie” S.A. and one of the largest energy projects having strategic importance for SEJ S.A. and the whole JSW Group.

Construction of the 75 MWe circulating fluidised bed unit is a key element of the energy security strategy of the JSW Group. The total net value of the project of PLN 507 million will maximise the use of the fuel resources of the JSW Group, in particular of slurry, methane and coal with a low calorific value. Reconstruction of production assets of the “Zofiówka” heat and power plant is aimed at ensuring the effective functioning of the company and safeguarding jobs for another 30 years. The “Zofiówka” plant with the new unit will produce electricity for the JSW Group and provide a continuous supply of heat to private consumers in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.