Projects implemented under the SPOW WKP Program

Modernization of three electrostatic precipitators of the block boilers in CHP Siekierki

  1. The value of the project: PLN 33 987 000
  2. The amount of funding: PLN 8 463 884.40
  3. Project objective: to achieve the declared ecological effect of reducing dust emissions discharged into the air by 296.57 mg/year and keep the level of concentration below 50 mg/m3u. An actual reduction of dust emissions in the financial year totaled 673.5 mg of dust per year, while dust concentration stood considerably below the assumed standard.
  4. The planned project completion date – by 15 February 2008 (the date of final acceptance and commissioning).

The project was eventually evaluated with regard to the achieved objectives and environmental benefits, and all the obligations laid down in the Grant Agreement were fulfilled.